Native American Wedding Rings

About Native American Weddings Rings

In the past, indigenous people did not smelt ores or stones to make decorative objects, such as jewelry and rings. However, the modern practice of making jewelry is now entrenched in the Native American traditions. Most traditional craftsmen have adopted the use of stones and natural metals in making their Native American wedding rings. The exchanging of Native American wedding rings as a symbol of love during a wedding has become an honored tradition.

Native American Wedding Rings: Popular Metals Used

Sterling silver is the metal that is commonly used in making Native American wedding rings. It is favored for its durability and for its ability to bring out quality craftsmanship and natural art work. In most cases, Native American wedding rings are made from sterling silver instead of gold.

This is because sterling silver is cheaper compared to gold, meaning that a couple is able to save on the overall wedding cost. Couples with financial constraints can also use stainless steel to make their Native American wedding rings, which gives similar aesthetic results but at a much lower cost.

Native American Wedding Rings: Popular Stones Used

The turquoise stone is featured in most Native American wedding rings. This stone has a soft blue color that makes the Native American wedding rings to look very exquisite. This is a unique quality that is not present in most other materials that are used in making wedding rings, such as diamonds and sapphires.

Opal, onyx and coral stones are also common in most Native American wedding rings. Many men use Native American wedding rings that have opal stone because it has a more masculine appeal. In essence, the most exquisite Native American wedding rings may have a small compilation of two or more of the aforementioned classic stones. This provides these Native American wedding rings with a fantastic color contrast that cannot be matched by a simple diamond setting featured in most modern contemporary rings.

Native American Wedding Rings: Other Additional Features

Majority of Native American wedding rings are endowed with other ornamentation that enhances the traditional feel. This may include metal craftsmanship or the hawk design, giving the impression of the sun or feathers.

In most cases, Native American wedding rings usually come with one large stone that is surrounded by other smaller stones in the metal ring. Men Native American wedding rings are usually wide and contain a single setting of either turquoise or onyx stone. Native American wedding rings are very beautiful and unique and most people prefer them to the traditional gold and silver wedding set.

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